About Us

Timely Development, LLC. is a small privately held company based in the Atlanta area. Our focus is leveraging software tools and technology to deliver fast and consistent results. Our core values include agility, productivity, and quality: all of which benefit from the attention and personal service a small company can provide.


Lou DeSetto

Lou has more than a decade of professional development experience and originally came to Atlanta for his BS and MS in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. He joined Softsense (which then went public as Radiant Systems) after finishing his degrees in 1996 and started work on their next generation Point of Sale. This was a unique opportunity because it involved starting from scratch and unifying several different vertical markets. Projects included working with great companies like Shell, Chevron, McDonald's, Tricon(YUM), Chick-fil-A, AMC, and Regal Cinemas. Lou was responsible for designing and developing many of the core modules in the POS, including Menu Authoring, Database Exports, and the User Interface (used for both POS and interactive Customer Kiosks).
Next, Lou joined the beginning of Radiant's new web-based Enterprise Back Office which would later be split off as BlueCube Software. Like the POS, this was an effort to unify products from various vertical industries using new technologies. Lou was originally responsible for the team that built the Portal framework. Modules included Security (login, menus, users, roles, org hierarchy, and item-level security), Content Management, Collaboration and Dashboards, as well as web-based Development Tools for building and extending applications within the system. From there, he went on to integrate separate Forecasting, Reporting, Budgeting, and Import/Export tools into a single Business Performance Management Suite focused on improving execution through a feedback loop of planning, action, and analysis. Major clients included Total, YUM, and Blockbuster.
In late 2004, Lou had the opportunity to start as one of the first two employees in another spin-off: Hi-Rez Studios. The goal was to build a Massively Multiplayer Online Game using database and hosting expertise gained at BlueCube along with the cutting-edge game engine: Unreal Engine 3. Lou's main responsibilities included the database and web-based administration platform as well as extending the AI system and its scripting interface.

John DeSetto

John joined Timely Development in 2008 after his long tenure at Radiant Systems. He is also an alumnus of Georgia Tech's Computer Science program where he managed to graduate two years early. In 1998, John started in Radiant's Advanced Platform Group and focused on the transition of the Petroleum and Convenience Store products to the next-generation Point of Sale (POS). Tasks included building interfaces to various makes and models of fuel dispensers and card readers as well as working around issues in Microsoft's original WindowsCE implementation. After the initial pilot, John went on to lead the PCS Devices Team as Radiant's first large customers signed up for the new product. During that time period he was heavily involved with the requirements management process to bring the largely Quick Service Restaurant based POS platform up to the needs of the larger Petroleum and Convenience Store clients.
Once the next-generation POS was underway, Radiant started developing a next-generation web-based Enterprise Back Office and John left the PCS division for the Store Platform Group to work on a new companion site back office system. Although the site back office system was mainly meant to provide data aggregation, John developed a store based management application that handled all the critical operations such as day processing that would need to work without an internet connection to the web-based Enterprise Back Office. While John was there he also helped drive stability into the product with tasks ranging from resolving lockups in the Apache web server, to optimizing the POS to scale well in a large 50 node Quick Service Restaurant implementation.
As the new web-based Enterprise Back Office started rolling out, John moved back into the PCS division, where he developed additional device interfaces and optimized POS to scale well in large PCS implementations. John also became involved in defining development and release management processes to facilitate bringing three global PCS development offices and divergent codebases back on to a single codebase and product release cycle. Once the various offices migrated back to the same codebase, John took on a product architect role reviewing designs and working with developers in the various offices to make sure they were feasible, consistent with system design, and would solve the business problems facing Radiant's clients. While in that role John also took on tasks that facilitated and streamlined development processes such as transitioning over to using Team Foundation Server for version control and easier branch management as well as converting the installation package over to the Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolkit to facilitate merging changes between branches.