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Global Agenda

Client: Hi-Rez Studios
Application: Massively Multiplayer Online Game
Highlights: Combines the fast, team-based action of shooters with the character progression and social interaction of role playing games
Technologies: Unreal Engine 3, C++, C#, SQL Server, IIS, ASP.NET

Lou was one of the two original employees at this startup studio and continued on as a contractor after starting Timely Development. He worked on many aspects of the gameplay, editor and user interface, but was mainly responsible for:

- Database and web infrastructure for content and server configuration
- Import/export framework to support data transfer between client and host database
- Behavioral-based artificial intelligence system
- Tools for designers to configure, place and script NPC 'bots' in the game
- Statistics-based matchmaking system

Email Marketing

Customer Connect

Client: Radiant Systems
Application: E-mail Marketing Tool for Retailers
Highlights: Integrates directly with in-store Points of Sale and online stores to send customers targeted promotions and track conversion
Technologies: C#, ASP.NET 4.0, WCF, IIS, SQL Server, SMTP, NHibernate, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS

We've been working with Radiant to help deliver their latest tool for retailers. Not only does it let merchants build and send HTML email campaigns, but unlike other online tools, it connects directly to their points of sale and online stores. This allows them to send promotions targeted to each customer and track conversions.