Software Architecture

Services Do you have a new product idea, but not sure where to start?
Are you trying to integrate new software, but not sure how it fits?
Need to consider the tradeoffs between multiple products and technologies?
Want to implement technology reviews or process improvements?
Do you need someone with hard to find expertise in a specific technology?

If any of these situations sound familiar, our software architects are here to help. We can analyze your needs and provide you with detailed design options to meet your goals. We can also deliver quick proofs of concept, prototypes, or pilot applications. We will even help you hire and train a team to implement and support your product.

Web Development

Web Development We have extensive web development experience implementing everything from enterprise applications to consumer facing websites. Based on need, we have both built custom platforms from scratch and used open source technologies like Wordpress, Django, jQuery, and NHibernate.
Let us use our unique technology and business background to help you:

- Put your products and services online with minimal effort and maintenance
- Build highly polished interfaces that are data driven and customizable
- Connect with your customers using email and social marketing tools, recommendation engines
- Allow you to accept payments and subscriptions (Authorize.Net, PayPal, Google Checkout, etc)
- Track conversions with feedback loops, alerts, and reporting tools

Mobile Development

Mobile Development Today's ubiquitous mobile devices have created a wealth of opportunities for both businesses and consumers. Smartphones, media players, and tablets help keep you connected 24/7 with extremely simple and attractive interfaces. We can help you tap this market with native applications for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. Cross platform development is also available with tools like Titanium or cocos2d. Applications include:

- Games and Product Tie-ins
- Social Applications
- Online Stores or Mobile Points of Sale
- Reporting and Monitoring Tools

Custom Development

Custom Development Do you need someone with hard to find expertise in a specific technology?
Want to take the pain out of bleeding edge tools and platforms?
Need a developer who can make an impact right away with limited ramp up?
Trying to customize or build add-ons for off the shelf software?
Can't find software that fits your needs and want to create something completely new?

Our developers have full life cycle experience building new platforms in diverse range of applications from business and marketing to video games and artificial intelligence. We love a challenge and dealing with new technologies, multiple end-users and branches, matrix organizations, and short timelines is par for the course. We can work remotely, but prefer to work on-site with local Atlanta companies so we can be completely engaged and focused.


Integration What good is Information Technology if you don't have access to that information? We can help you connect and bring every aspect of your business online, from initial customer engagement to ongoing services and closed loop feedback:

- Use data from your business and customers to generate marketing campaigns
- Automate the creation of online stores or pricing from inventory data
- Forecast inventory and labor based on past sales and events
- Communicate with a wide range of retail devices from barcode scanners to gas pumps
- Process transactions online or in distributed retail locations
- Get feedback and re-engage customers using email marketing and recommendation systems
- Consolidate your data and give you actionable intelligence for the next iteration

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting Tired of maintaining your own hosting infrastructure?
Worried that your website can't handle projected growth?
Want your hardware to scale automatically with your customers?
Want to minimize downtime and simplify disaster recovery?
Only want to pay for the resources you actually consume?

Cloud hosting can be a great solution for growing businesses. We can help you consider the trade-offs, select a provider, or implement a system. Virtual machine based solutions like Amazon's EC2 provide the easiest migration path, but require maintaining multiple operating systems. Google's App Engine and Microsoft's Azure minimize ongoing maintenance at the expense of upfront conversion.