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Who we are

We are an Atlanta area provider of products and services. Our focus
is leveraging software tools to
deliver fast and consistent results.
Our core values include agility, productivity, and quality.

What We Do

We have experience in everything from low level device interfaces to consumer facing web sites.
We build scalable, end-to-end products from both a technology
and business perspective.

Our Clients

Our products and services are used by organizations around the world, but Atlanta is the city we call home. We have built close relationships here over the last decade and treat our clients like family.

Our Products

We love using industry standard tools and platforms, but they sometimes don't exist or are too excessive for a specific task. When we see a need, we develop simple solutions to fill those gaps.


email marketing October 4, 2010 - Radiant Systems Launches Integrated E-mail Marketing Tool
Do you ever look forward to seeing what's new at your favorite store or getting coupons in the mail? We've been working with Radiant to help deliver their latest tool for retailers. Not only does it let merchants build and send HTML email campaigns, but unlike other online tools, it connects directly to their points of sale and online stores. This allows them to send promotions targeted to each customer and track conversions.

Global Agenda Sandstorm July 22, 2010 - Hi-Rez Studios Launches
Phase 2 of Global Agenda Sandstorm

Mere months after the release of Global Agenda, Hi-Rez released their first major expansion. We were hard at work making the new open zone a reality. The Sonoran Desert introduces free-roaming PvE content and exciting new boss battles.

Global Agenda Box Feb 1, 2010 - Hi-Rez Studios Launches
Global Agenda

We are proud to have worked with Hi-Rez Studios since its inception and are thrilled to see the release of their first game, Global Agenda. This game combines the fast paced action of team-based shooters with the character customization and progression of traditional massively multiplayer online games. During the past five years, we have built tools for its AI, database, level design, match making, and statistics.

Product Spotlight

Timely Migration

Timely Migration: Migration Tools for Team Foundation Server

Is your company considering making the move to Microsoft's Team Foundation Server? Or maybe you've already made the plunge, but are still supporting legacy source control systems. Our Timely Migration product is a suite of tools designed to be the complete solution for moving detailed history from your existing source control system to TFS. Read more about Timely Migration here or download a trial version:
Download Timely Migration


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